Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We protect your information because Your trust matters to us!

With the coming of the digital age, privacy is now a thing of the past. After all, everything we do is online, our credit card numbers, personal information and so much more are shared over the internet a lot of times in a month. And we do this without ever giving it a second thought. If you think that companies don’t have much information on you then you would be shocked to know just how much they know about you.

The residents of California now have more fortified data privacy because of the California consumer privacy act. This act gives the consumers the right to know what information the company has saved n then and can even prevent that information from being collected. This privacy act gives you the right to sue companies for breaching or forwarding your personal information without your consent and knowledge.

Know your rights!

Many people cannot understand the language of these high maintenance rights, but let’s simplify them so you can understand and use them better in your favor. The CCPA gives the rights as consumers listed below:

  • The right to know what personal information a company is using, collecting, sharing, or selling.
  • The right to receive a short report on what personal information of yours the company has and in the event of its selling or to whom.
  • You have the right to know any third-party information like addresses, names, etc., forwarding that has been done in the past 12 years.
  • The right to demand to get your personal information deleted to form a company.
  • The right to stop companies to share the personal information of children under 16 without authorization.
  • The right to sue the company for damages if privacy violations are not taken under advisement after notice.

The CCPA provides you with a higher level of security and protection for the information that you value online.

Well now that you know your rights, do you know what kind of personal information of yours is protected but our law? Here is a list of types of personal information that CCPA protects:

Personal identifiers like:

  • Real name
  • Aliases
  • Home address
  • Mailing address
  • Personal unique identifiers
  • Ip addresses of laptops, computers and other internet-connected devices used.
  • Email addresses
  • Accounts names and passwords
  • Social security number
  • ID and diverse license car numbers
  • Passport number

What under commercials information is protected by the CCP law?

  • Records of owned properties.
  • Records of services, items you have purchased or contained
  • Purchasing histories and preferences.

Biometric information:

  • Fingerprints
  • Palm veins
  • DNA
  • Iris recognition
  • Retina information
  • Typing rhythm
  • Gait
  • Voice
  • Hand and face geometry

Internet connectivity information:

Browsing history

Search history

Interaction history of websites visited applications and advertisements.

  • All this also includes geolocation data and history
  • Information of your profession and employment details

So essentially everything about you that seems vulnerable is protected. About you and your presence online is covered in this privacy act that could be used to identify you.

The important things for you to know about!

What to do to get your information or get it deleted?

Many people often don’t know their rights and how to exercise them accurately. It could be beneficial for you to know these things you never know when they can become of some use to you. The most important thing is how you can use the CCPA act to retrieve or delete your information from a company.

This law gives you the right to request a copy of your information, data, or demand to have it deleted. Many websites update their sites with privacy policies that include directions so make sure to learn more about CCPA and your privacy rights. Head on to our policies section to view our privacy policy.

Click the link given here below to request your copy of data or have it deleted at AutozCare

How to demand your company to stop selling your information?

In case you want a company to stop selling your information, you need to put in a request separately. May companies earn most of their income by the sale of user information, hence stronger barriers are used for you to opt-out. That is why always read up on what the policies state.

It is recommended that a user use a written request to opt-out and have their signature notarized and be sent through certified mail to the company’s headquarters.

Note: to opt-out, you must be browsing from the state of California.

What happens if a company violates your privacy rights?

The attorney general of California can fine you up to $7500 per record violation if it is not corrected within 30 days of committing the violation.

The CCPA also allows you to sue a company for money damages if your sensitive information is uncovered. But before you do that you need to give the company a one-month notice of your intent to sue them before filing for a lawsuit. If the company replies to you within 30 days stating that your breach of privacy act has been rectified then you cannot sue. In case they do not you are free to move forward in suing the company.



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