Return & Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy

What is a return policy?

A return policy helps you and us to give you proper guidelines to return your packages, get a refund on your packages or exchange them.

How do I return my package?

You can return our package by post or mail. You can even return it to us personally at the address of our headquarters.

Is there a time limit to return my package?

You can only avail of the return and refund policy before 30-days after receiving your package.

Is my return a refund?

No, a return is when you send your package back to us,

When can I get my refund?

You have to return your package to us in the condition it was delivered to you before you get a refund.

When do I have to return my package?

If you want to return your package you have to return the package within 30-days after receiving your package.

Do I get a full refund?

For our customers in Pakistan, we have a 100% refund after receiving your return package with a 30-days limit. For our customers out of the country we offer 75% refund with after receiving your return package with 30-days

Where do I return the package?

You can return the package at our headquarters; for our address please visits our contact us page or click the link here.

What should be the condition of my return package?

Your return package should be in the same condition it arrived in, it should not be used, broken, or devalued.

What will happen if my return package is in poor condition?

Your return package if received in poor condition will, not warrant a refund or an exchange.

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