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AutozCare Interior Dressing and All Purpose Cleaner Both (Pack of 2) - AutozCare Pakistan

AutozCare Interior Dressing and All Purpose Cleaner Both (Pack of 2)


  • Prevents oxidization and fading of the plastic interior from sun exposure
  • New Nano coating technology prevents your car’s interior from rusting or fading
  • Efficiently remove stains from all kinds of surfaces
  • The cleaning formula causes no damage to the car’s interior surfaces
  • Functional for every interior surface type
  • The cleaning solution has Nanotechnology that cleans the surface
  • Suitable for mirrors, seats, leather or plastic dashboard, steering wheel, engine and so much more!
  • The cleaning action formula cuts against any grease or grime on the surface.
  • Including food residues, oily smudges, all kinds of liquid stains

Parking your car under the sun can leave your car interior to suffer sun exposure damage, the AutozCare INTERIOR DRESSING & ALL PURPOSE CLEANER protects your car’s interior from rusting, oxidizing, and fading against such elements.

It not only protects your car from damage but gives it its original shine and color back! With just one coat you can make your car look new, shiny, and clean in seconds!


1 x AutozCare Interior Dressing (250ml)

1 x AutozCare All Purpose Cleaner Spray (500ml)

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