Did you know that if you add up the amount of time you spend behind the wheel of your car it annually adds up to 293 hours? That is how much time an average driver spends in his car! So isn’t it safe to say that your car is bound to get dirty of you using it this much? No matter how much care you take in not making a mess you still make a mess unintentionally. While eating something in your car you might touch the interior of your car with greasy or oily hands, sweaty fingerprints, some food or drinks, or liquid stains and spills. That is why you need to clean your car and for that, you should only get the best.

The All-purpose cleaners for cars are the best your car will ever have!

The All-purpose cleaners for cars are the best your car will ever have!

The Car interior cleaner has one of a kind rapid action cleaning formula that cleans your cars in just a swipe! The nanotechnology in the solution cuts through any type of grease, mud, dirt, and other stains quickly as possible. It can handle any kind of stain you have in your car be it a coffee stain or some other kind of stain. No matter how long the stain has been in your car the amazing formula will leave your car clean and shiny at the end of the day!

The dual purpose of the Car care products Pakistan Will make your life easier!

The dual purpose of the Car care products Pakistan Will make your life easier!

What can we say it’s in the name! The all-purpose kills two birds with one stone. It cleans the interior of your car just as well as the exterior. And this amazing cleaning solution is efficient enough to clean your house as well. Let us see in detail the dual cleaning solution is capable of cleaning, it can easily clean the most stubborn of stains with just one wipe! You can use out to clean almost anything in your car:

  • Dashboard
  • Music system
  • Console system
  • Steering wheel
  • Windshields and windows
  • Mirrors
  • Tire rims
  • And so much more

And that is just the car, you can use this amazing All-purpose cleaner for cars In your home as well. It is suitable for almost any kind of surface you can ever think of.

Why do you need to take care of your car?

Why do you need to take care of your car?

A car is your utility, as you use it almost every day of your lives; hence your car sits right within its rights to be cared for and maintained. Car drivers need to take care of the vehicle they are driving. It is what tour transport of depends on, hence it should be in good condition overall. Nobody likes to spend too much money on repairs.

Invest in money and time-saving products!

Invest in money and time-saving products!

Many people go to car washes and maintenance to wash and care for their car two or three times a month. Why waste the money when there is the perfect quality and affordable solution for you at AutozCare. We have the Car interior cleaner for you that will save you lots of money not just regarding your car but for home purposes as well. We understand that you are too busy to clean your car but with just ten minutes on a weekend, you can clean and make your car shine like it is brand new! For people who love caring for their car as well, this is the perfect car cleaning product for you! So add it to your car today and get cleaning your car and your home the easy way!

Car interior cleaner

Other household purposes!

If you have a house with many windows then you can buy these dual-purpose Car care products in Pakistan this amazing solution can also clean your computers, food stains on your tables, and mud and dirt from your window sills. It is every bit a home cleaning product as it’s a car cleaning product. You can even use it to clean your sound system or any electrical system like your TV even. 

It is suitable for all types of s surfaces!

It is suitable for all types of s surfaces!

Isn’t it the best the Car shiner Is just what you need to clean your whole car without paying too much for it! All you need is a 500ml of Car interior cleaner with a spray nozzle and a microfiber cloth to wipe it and that is it. The cleaning formula is compatible with many surfaces like glass, mirror, plastic, leather, synthetic fabric, PVC, metal chromium, and aluminum alike. 

The all-purpose cleaning liquid itself you can use on your audio system, navigation system, touch screen, or even console system as well. Not just that but all the buttons, steering wheels, gears, and handles as well. Like we said the formula is quite advanced and does not damage any kind of surface. 

Dual-purpose Car care products in Pakistan will blow your mind!

Dual-purpose Car care products in Pakistan will blow your mind!

While playing the role of cleaning your car and house it also plays another role. Can you guess? The amazing Car shiner also rejuvenated your car from the inside out. Any interior damage like faded color or dull and drab shades can be fixed with just one All-purpose cleaner for cars did you know that the harmful rays from the sun cause the interior of your car to fade and deteriorate over time? That is why when you park your car in the sun, wherever the sun falls on your car the pain of the interior is always faded slightly. But you can fix it and give the car its original shine and sparkle back just like when it was new. 

Where will you ever find such amazing cleaning products that will clean our car efficiently in just a few swipes! So what are you waiting for add this to your cart today and get it delivered to your door!

Why choose us?

We offer the fastest delivery all over Pakistan, depending on your location we do our best to deliver your package to you in 4-5 business days’ right at your doorstep. We understand how excited you are to get your package as soon as possible! Not just that but we offer 30 days return on all our products shipment with a 7 days refund guarantee with delivery free. No worries, not everything you see is a right fit for you. The pickup of the returned items is arranged at our end for your convenience.

Warranty and quality are our quality!

With AutozCare quality is a priority since we believe that quality is what makes customers loyal. We also offer warranties on our products since they are designed to last for a long time. Compromising on quality is not in our company’s motto. We have a quality control team dedicated to checking your package quality before shipping it off to you.

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Get in touch with us!

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