Your car needs the care it deserves. AutozCare serves people who love taking care of their cars. We know you want the best for your car but sometimes it comes at a price bit here at AutozCare we not just guarantee you quality at affordable prices but the customer convenience care that will make the whole deal sweeter than any sweet in the world! Cleaning and maintaining your car can be quite a hassle but with the right tools and products, you can do all of that at home! Many people go to expensive car shops just to get small fixes and maintenance but why waste money on something that you can at home within minutes and at reasonable prices? So visit our amazing car care selection and get the best high-quality products for your car!

Keep your car shiny and sparking on the inside!

car shiny

The amazing dressing formula action makes your car sparkle in just minutes. Everything long-term you have and that you use needs maintenance after some time. Similarly, your car is your utility. If you use your car a lot then it demands attention. The amazing active formula cleans your car more efficiently than any other car dressing product.

What are the amazing features of the AutozCare car dressing products?

AutozCare car dressing products

You will find many other car care products but none like the Car dashboard shiner at AutozCare.The dressing solution has new and improved nanotechnology that will repair and give your car its shine and gloss back. It not only gives our car its shine and color back but offers protection from the future accumulation of dust and grime. More of the features are as follows: 

  • Gives a sparklingly clean look
  • Gives the car its shine back
  • Repairs the damage on the interior of the car
  • Refreshes the worn and faded look of your car

This amazing dressing formula not only gives our car a new life but cleans it as well.

The new and improved formula can get rid of the tightest grime and dust on your seats and dashboards as well.

Amazing advantages of the best car dressing formula you will ever buy!

You can use it on any time of car interior surface including:

  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Leather
  • Synthetic fabric

The rapid action formula of the dressing solution is suitable to use on anything that is inside your car like

  • Dashboard
  • Console
  • Inside door handles and locks
  • Another storage space
  • Seats and back pockets
  • Footrest areas
  • Headrests and so much more!

 What happens if you don’t care for your car?

What happens if you don’t care for your car?

If you drive your car very often then it needs maintenance. When you spend that much time in your car it is bound to get dirty one way or another no matter how much you take care in not getting it dirty. Often than not when you eat in your car you spill something on your seats or use the oily greasy hands to touch most of the things in your car like the console control or the music system especially the steering wheel or a gear. These are the most touched places in a car that needs cleaning and refurbishing. So what happens if you don’t care for it? Over time the dust accumulation will leave a sticky and grimy texture on the surface of your interior. The interior might even crack after some time of neglect from wear and tear.

The interior tends to get faded and crack under sun damage. When you park your car under the sun, the harmful rays damage the car’s interior. The fabulous interior dressing solution prevents that from happening. Not only does it protect it but it helps the interior regain its shine and color back!

It’s just too easy to use!

You do not need any fancy tools or anything else to apply the Car care products in Pakistan manually. All you need is a microfiber cloth and that it. The Car shiner is conveniently made with a spray nozzle, hence all you have to do is spray the solution on the affected area, then use the microfiber cloth to wipe and rub it in properly, and voila it’s done! So what are you waiting for? Save your money and time with the best affordable quality car care products your money can buy. 

It is worth it!

It is worth it!

It’s easy to say that any product is worth your money. But that makes it worth it? Let us tell you exactly why AutozCare Car care products Pakistan is what you need for your car! The Car interior dressing Bottle comes with a nozzle spray mouth for easy application; every bottle contains 250ml of the interior car dressing solution that will last you a long time. You don’t need to apply the dressing solution to your interior much often; just two times a month application is needed to make your car look brand new on the inside!

Why are we the best option for you?

Why are we the best option for you?

At AutozCare we value our customers can hold your opinions and convenience near and dear to our hearts. We make sure what we offer you is the best top-quality product. What you see is what you get! Building Solidarity and trust with our customers is what we aim to do.  

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

We offer the fastest delivery all over Pakistan, depending on your location we do our best to deliver your package to you in 4-5 business days right at your doorstep. We understand how excited you are to get your package as soon as possible! Not just that but we offer 30 days return on all our products shipment with a 7 days refund guarantee with delivery free. No worries, not everything you see is a right fit for you. The pickup of the returned items is arranged at our end for your convenience.

Warranty and quality are our quality!

Warranty and quality are our quality!

With AutozCare quality is a priority since we believe that quality is what makes customers loyal. We also offer warranties on our products since they are designed to last for a long time. Compromising on quality is not in our company’s motto. We have a quality control team dedicated to checking your package quality before shipping it off to you.

Get in touch with us!

Get in touch with us!
You can contact us anytime about any queries or problems you may have! You can call us at 0313-7934562 or email us at to subscribe to our newsletter! Get to know all about new deals and sale prices. Be the first to know about our new arrivals and what product is the most famous with the customers on AutozCare! We know how much you love your cars and we pride ourselves on improvising you with the best products to take care of your car.